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Re: Yet another undefined _WinMain16...

> cgf quoted and wrote:
> > >>The FAQ and the CygWin mailing list indicated that there might be some
> > >>advantage to renaming /usr/lib/libm.a to /usr/lib/libm.a.16bit but that
> > >>had no effect.
> > >
> > >That looks like bogus information.  Rename it back to its correct name.
> > 
> > It is surely bogus information.  I can't find anything in the FAQ which
> > suggests this.  If it really is there somewhere, I'd appreciate a pointer
> > so that it can be fixed.
> It isn't in the FAQ.  It was in the following misguided posting
> from Martin Gainty:
> Maybe it is time to add to the FAQ (or emphasize, if I've missed it)
> that _WinMain@16 is *absolutely nothing* to do with 16-bit code or
> libraries.  [To anyone curious, I believe it indicates that WinMain is a
> function which takes a parameter list of exactly 16 bytes, and pops them
> off the stack before returning to the caller - ie it follows the
> Pascal/stdcall/winapi convention.]
> -- Cliff

I changed it back. Per other comments, I can certainly get a linked output 
file by using the --shared switch, but that doesn't generate a windows 
executable file. I think from context that it's probably generating a library 
image instead.

So, I'm still not sure what's going on.

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