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Memleak Apparently Attributable to Cygwin Setup

Upgrading to Setup 2.358 didn't solve the problem, although it did
speed up the process of changing from "All:Default" to "All:Install"Ã?
in the package selection screen.  Once again, after 2 hours, Setup was
still on a2ps, and total memory usage had reached ~2GB, although
setup-2.358.exe was only admitting responsibility for ~6MB of it.

Inspired by Dave's comment about the problem disappearing when he
purged everything and started a completely fresh install, I went
hunting to make sure all Cygwin stuff was completely gone before
trying to install again.  I found 4 files, and supporting bits of the
C:\cygwin directory tree, still laying around, apparently because they
were owned by another user (actually another incarnation of me,) and
I'd been refused permission to delete them, the first time round.
Once I'd got rid of these, I started Setup 2.358 again, and when I
returned the next morning, I had a lovely new Cygwin system.  I think
a full install overnight is decisively faster than 1 package in >2
hours, so I guess things are sorted.

Thanks folks

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