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Re: Question about Cygwin License

Depending on the country you are distributing in, so long as you don't
actually distribute the cygwin.dll with your application, this may be
classified as "Fair Use".  You'll have to consultant an attorney as "Fair
use" varies both by country and state.  Some countries don't have a fair use
clause for proprietary code.

That aside, a fairly common workaround to the GPL is to publish LGPL
interface code.  You then link to the LGPL code instead of to Cygwin
directly.  RedHat can not argue this is disallowed, since they explicitly
allow "ANY" open source as a section 10 exclusion.  The CYGWIN distribution
itself contains many packages which are open source, but are not GPL.  That
includes most of the libraries your code links to when you compile under

Of course another option is to pay them the money...


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From: "Cary Lewis" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 5:51 PM
Subject: Question about Cygwin License

> I want to use cygwin with a proprietary system.
> As I do not want to publish my source code, I know I need a "breakout"
> license from RedHat.
> I am not changing cygwin, I am simply using the cygwin.dll to get a Unix
> based system to run under Windows.
> Has anyone purchased a breakout license?
> I was told today that the cost was $50,000.00 USD for a 3 year license.
> Does that sound right?
> It seems unbelievably high to me, considering that MKS has a very similar
> product at only $5,000.00 (which includes 50 run time
> Licenses)
> Any advice would be appreciated.
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