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Re: cygwin and the rest of the Windows

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, Ling F. Zhang wrote:

> I successfully ran both the cygwin apache (1.3x) and
> windows native one (2.x).  So I need to chose one to
> run (as they wouldn't share port 80)...sine I usually
> do my cgi in perl and shell-script, cygwin is the
> clear choice...but I do miss such feature as WebDAV in
> the version 2 (I didn't feel like recompiling apache
> on cygwin just to mess things up).  So, here's the
> question, is it possible for windows to use cygwin
> developement tools? as in, can I use the cygwin perl
> interpretor to interpret my perl script if the apache
> is the windows native one?


Yes, it's theoretically possible, as long as the Cygwin /bin directory is
in the path.  There may be some peculiarities specific to your system that
you'd have to solve (in particular, all the scripts will get Win32 paths
as parameters, rather than Cygwin POSIX paths), but there's nothing major
that prevents you from doing this.
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