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Problem using ntfs junctions and latest cygwin setup

I've used sysinternal's 'junction.exe' to have my actual Cygwin directory located under C:\Program Files\ but hard-linked to C:\Cygwin. I've done so for about 18 months now, and never had any problems. (for those not familiar with junctions, basically, before making a junction, C:\Cygwin is an empty directory, with the 'real' files located under C:\Program Files\Cygwin - after making a ntfs junction, win2k now thinks C:\Cygin has everything from \Program Files\Cygwin in it.)

However, the latest postinstall script truly makes a mess of things: after running cygwin's 'setup.exe' (and doing an "Install from Internet"), all the packages are downloaded and installed, but C:\Cygwin is no longer linked to \Program Files\Cygwin. C:\Cygwin ~only~ has the just-downloaded programs and files. Somehow the junction "link" has been broken. All the existing material still exists in C:\Program Files\Cygwin, but now they are two separate directories.

I deleted everything in C:\Cygwin, recreated the junction to C:\Program Files\Cygwin, and ran setup.exe again, but the same thing occurred.

I then tried running 'setup.exe' without downloading the latest postinstall script '' and this problem did not occur.

My cygwin setup.exe version is 2.340.2.5.

The _update-info-dir script is version 00170-1, updating from 00167-1.

Honestly, the connection between an eradicted ntfs junction and running the postinstall script seems hard to imagine, yet is easily duplicated through repeated testing.

Any ideas??


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