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Re: Questions about Cygwin's "jar" command

David M. Karr wrote:

A few updates to Cygwin ago (both at work and home), I noticed that there is
now a "jar" executable in "/usr/bin".  I see from the "-V" option that it is
something called "fastjar".  When I use it for viewing jar contents, it works
just as well as the "jar" from my Java distribution.  However, when I use it to
extract files from a jar, it often fails after extracting the first couple of
files (I can't remember the error messages right now).  I end up having to
manually specify the path to the "jar" in my Java distribution, or use Winzip.

Short of fixing these problems in the Cygwin "jar", what's the correct way to
remove it?

rm /usr/bin/jar.exe

It doesn't appear to be in a separate Cygwin package, so I guess I
can't use Cygwin setup to "uninstall" it.

Right, unless you don't want gcc, which is the package it comes with.

I tried removing "/usr/bin/jar", but
"rm" says "No such file or directory".

See above.

If it matters, I'm on Cygwin 1.3.14 at home, and a newer release at work.  I
see this problem in both places.


Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746

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