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Re: stderr outputs veerrrryyy slowly

On Sun, Jun 22, 2003 at 12:53:43PM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> >Can anyone make heads (or tails) of this now?
>> Read my original message.  stderr does not buffer its output.  stdout does.
>Okay, but I'm afraid that doesn't quite compute to me, maybe you could
>- If it's flushing on every character, then why is the output speed
>acceptable when using fputs/fprintf or anything except fputc?  i.e. why
>do I get the 300-baud-modem emulation only in a few cases?

Don't know.  I haven't investigated the problem in any great depth for
some time.  I suppose that in some cases newlib sends a string of
characters to be output and in some cases it sends a character at a
time, depending on the usage.

>Sorry if I'm being dense.  I was also going to ask what the heck newlib
>was but I figured that out on my own. :-)

A google search is extremely instructive on newlib, actually.

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