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Re: Request Help for link problem

Jiang zhou wrote:

I have build a lib. It create h file and lib file in usr/local/include and
usr/local/lib dictionary.
But when I create application using this lib, the link problem occur.
The lib is Jrtplib come from I can build this lib.
But when I compile the example it has problem as below:

$ gcc -Ljrtp 1.cpp

May be -ljrtp would be better. (if the library's name is libjrtp.a) And for a C++ source file, you should use g++ instead of gcc.


d reference to `RTPSession::RTPSession[in-charge]()'
d reference to `RTPSession::~RTPSession [in-charge]()'
fined reference to `___gxx_personality_v0'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
zjiang@pbzjiangcnsh1 /cygdrive/d/document/voip/jrtplib-2.7/examples

In the command line I have use -Ljrtp indicator the lib.

Can someone tell why I can't use the lib?

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