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RE: Patch for Bug in /etc/profile script ....

> From: Alan Miles
> All,
> I have a file called /etc/skel/a/b/c/d.txt, /etc/skel/e/f.txt
> Under Linux (and I certainly believe the same is true for UNIX), anything,
> directory(s), file(s) etc put in /etc/skel
> gets put into the user's home directory when the sys admin creates the
> account and its home directory.
> However, that is not happening here.
> What is happening here in these two examples is that it is trying to copy
> the file:
> cp /etc/skel/a/b/c/d.txt /home/user1/a/b/c/d.txt
> cp /etc/skel/e/f.txt     /home/user1/e/f.txt
> Now this ** would ** work if the directories /home/user1/a/b/c/, and
> /home/user1/e had already existed. However, they don't since the system
> is creating the home directory. Hence the copy fails.
> I am submitting this patch which corrects the problem. the key is the -D
> flag on the install command - it causes the system to create any missing
> leading directories, as well as doing the install.
> $ diff -u /etc/profile.old profile
> --- /etc/profile.old    2003-06-14 10:03:21.000000000 -0500
> +++ profile     2003-06-23 04:01:00.000000000 -0500
> @@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
>    for f in `/bin/find . -type f`; do
>      fDest=`echo $f | sed -e 's/^\.//g'`
>      if [ ! -e "$HOME$fDest" -a ! -L "$HOME$fDest" ]; then
> -      cp "$f" "$HOME/$fDest"
> +      /usr/bin/install -D -p -v "${f}" "${HOME}/${fDest}"
>      fi
>    done
>  fi

Thank you.  I didn't know about the /usr/bin/install program.
I'm in the process of updating the base- packages (slowly :(
I'll do this mod then.

Thanks again,


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