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Re: ProFTPd usable on WinXP-HE, questionable to me


On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 09:14:02AM +0000, Soren A. wrote:
> "Soren A." <> wrote in 
> Xns93A2AC9379A2alsocuteandfluffywor@">news:Xns93A2AC9379A2alsocuteandfluffywor@
> I understand that the ftpd has to have privs like "SYSTEM" and that
> looking at past List messages, Jason Tischler says "run it as


> LocalSystem" user. I don't know what OS Jason is talking about as there
> is no such user "LocalSystem" on WinXP (yet XP is decended from NT).

The built-in Windows "LocalSystem" account maps to the Cygwin "SYSTEM"

> So in the /etc/proftpd.conf file I have lines like:
>   User      SYSTEM
>   Group     Administrators

The above should be correct.

> but when I try to run proftpd, it refuses to start because it won't
> change user context. The user I run Cygwin as apparently doesn't have
> sufficient perms to change user context like this.

Did you install proftpd as a NT service via cygrunsrv as indicated in
> I don't know how to add such rights to the account: the user IS (*IS*
> *IS* *IS*) an "Administrator" on the local system (was created that
> way).

See my next post.

> Can anyone loan me a clue about what can be done to fix this, i.e. give
> my user account sufficient perms to run proftpd as "SYSTEM"?

You should be able to run proftpd under SYSTEM on XP Home.  However, I
do not have access to XP Home so I cannot verify this hypothesis.

BTW, can you run other daemons such as inetd or sshd on this box?


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