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Re: unexpected behavior: setup v2.340.2.5

linda w (cyg) wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Larry Hall []
>> Sent: Sun, Jun 22, 2003 11:39a
>> I don't know what you mean by "beta".  If you mean packages installed
>> when you press the "Exp" radio button in setup, then that's
>> how it works.
>> You pick "Exp" to install any experimental versions of software that
>> you already have installed or decide you want to install.  You select
>> "Curr" for updating everything else.  They're mutually exclusive.
>> Practically, if you want to update your system to all the latest plus
>> the experimental versions, update to the "Curr" list and then
>> rerun setup
>> and update to the "Exp" list.  This will get you what you want, if I'm
>> interpreting your goals properly.
> ----
> Yes -- you are, but my point was that might it not be the case that
> experimental versions would normally be built against the latest
release --
> and might behave unpredictably if you were to upgrade to an experimental
> version and not have the latest of other packages installed?   Or does
> setup support minimum version required (i.e. exp package foo can require
> 1.3 of glib instead of 1.0 where 1.3 is the current release).
> It just seems like it would be safer for "Exp" to select the newest of
> (current,exp) and compare to installed and base the upgrade on that. No?

Yes. Setup design discussion happens on the cygwin-apps list. Perhaps you
would like to propose the idea there, and if it is accepted (I'm almost
certain it will be), offer a patch?


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