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Re: download the older version of openssh

Larry Hall wrote:

Doug VanLeuven wrote:

Larry Hall wrote:

Arnold Wang wrote:

Can someone tell me whether I can still download the older version, 3.5p1-3,
of openssh? It fixed the display problem I'm experiencing. With the latest
version, 3.6.1p1-2, I downloaded, certains NT console applications, like net
commands, won't have its output displayed through ssh session.

I expect the answer to this is 'no where', unless there is a very dated mirror out there. Perhaps you'd be interested in tracking this problem a little more closely in an effort to localize the problem and find a solution?

That would help. But in the meantime, I just checked. I have a copy lying in my local download directory. Can you accept a 450kb mail attachment?

Arnold may. I and the list will not. Please don't send it to anyone other than Arnold, assuming he requests it. Note, I expect that you were only asking if Arnold would like to receive this attachment and not the entire list but I decided I would clear up any ambiguity. ;-)

Ok Dad. Didn't mean to scare anyone.
Actually, the only reason I cc'd the list was on the off chance someone might
contribute the proper way to include it so setup could revert it.
I've never done that.

Doug VanLeuven

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