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Re: download the older version of openssh

Doug VanLeuven wrote:
> Actually, the only reason I cc'd the list was on the off chance someone
> might contribute the proper way to include it so setup could revert it.
> I've never done that.

OK, here goes...

You need the correct entries for a setup.ini. This means you must do one of
the following:
* Recover the entries from an old setup.ini.
* Manually synthesize the required entries.
* Run upset on your computer to automatically prepare a setup.ini.

Once you have the entries, you can create a setup.ini. Rather than grafting
it into the main file, I prefer to set up a subtree in my local package
directory to hold self-built or under-review packages. I create a directory
misc as a sibling to release, and generate a setup.ini in that directory.
The paths in install/source statements are relative to the setup.ini file
containing them.

Here is an example fragment from my misc/setup.ini:

setup-timestamp: 1000000000

@ gcc
category: Misc
version: 3.3-20030515-1max
install: ./gcc/gcc-3.3-20030515-1max.tar.bz2 4552469
source: ./gcc/gcc-3.3-20030515-1max-src.tar.bz2 13073638


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