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Re: cygwin presentation ???

Suggested presentation:


First, use the setup and be satisfied with the results - even and
especially if it causes your machine to hang and you lose a days worth of
work. Cygwin is more important anything else you might have been doing.

If you don't like the size of the setup program, right click on desktop,
properties, settings, Screen Area - 640x480. If someone else later
complains about the screen size, tell them to contact Microsoft.

Run setup, if the download dialogue is still cycling after 30 days, it
means you're out of warranty. (OK that was a joke, Cygwin has NO warranty!)

If you have to ask "how do I use it" - you'll never be able to.

"cyg" was chosen instead of "u" because "u" was already taken. Besides "u"
don't "win" with cygwin - I'm posixtive about that!

List Rule #1      Cygwin has no problems - only issues.

Rule #2           If you have an "issue" you can "issue" it to the list -
but only if it is a problem.

Rule #3           See Rule #1

With cygwin, the "mean"s are always more important than the ends.

Case Study #1

      You have a production problem that requires a code fix ( a comma
needs to be changed to a semi-colon ).

      When opening the file with Vim, you notice that it took 2 seconds
longer than usual to open a 100 meg file.

Do you:

      a:    Ignore the delay and use Vim to fix your Production problem

      b:    use cmd /c edit file

      c:    sed 's/,/;/g' file

      d:    Forget your "problem" and start debugging the cygwin "issue"

The correct answer was given at the start of this presentation.

Finally, if you have an "issue" be prepared to have your sanity questioned
first followed by a week of hazing and then a month of silence.

By then you should have solved the issue and provided a patch.

Finally, I leave you with this directive:

Cygwin - use it and SHUT UP.

Thank you!

"Christopher Faylor" <> on 06/26/2003 12:40:34

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Subject:    Re: cygwin presentation ???

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 09:13:19PM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:
>R. Scott Baer wrote:
>>No ones done a presintation to their local LUG(or anyone else) on
>>cygwin ??
>Sorry no.  We're all just users here, not evangelists.  ;-)

If I gave a presentation I'd end up scaring everyone with my mean visage

Well, that's not entirely true.  I gave a presentation about cygwin once
just bored a large group of people.  Of course, it eventually became clear
they only spoke French so I felt somewhat vindicated.

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