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Re: Error: gs: package of cygz.dll? (FAQ Alert)

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, mxgl wrote:

> Which package does "cygz.dll" belong to?

I was pretty sure this information was in the FAQ, but I just looked at it
and couldn't find it there.  So here goes:

To find out which package contains a particular file, go to
<> and enter the file name in the search field.
It's best to provide as much detail as possible, so if you know the
directory the file should be in, specify it as well.  For example, if
searching for the "as" command, a search for "bin/as" will minimize
false positives and provide the best match.  If you know the file is an
executable (as opposed to a symbolic link), search for "bin/as.exe"
instead.  Better yet, since the search string is passed directly to egrep
(as far as I can see), you could even search for "bin/as(\.exe| )".

David, could the above be added to the FAQ at some point?  The question
could be "Which package contains the file XXXX?" or something...
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