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cannot find name for user id

I'm having problems with cygwin on Win XP. The error
message on login is:

id: cannot find name for user ID 56986

This has all sorts of ramifications for various
utilities, such as pine. 

I have read through the archives and I see the common
solution being the password file entry. Here is mine:


Sure enough if I convert 122522 to binary I get
111011110100110101. I strip that down to 16 bytes I
get 1101111010011010 which converted to decimal is
56986... which is the UID it complains about not
finding. So far so good. The problem is I have changed
the passwd file to have a smaller UID (1010), but I
still get the same error. In fact it still complains
about not finding UID 56986. 

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


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