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Reading a Solaris tape created by ufsdump

Any hints on how to get the files off of a SDLT tape created by Solaris

I can access the tape handily:
$ mt -f /dev/st0 status 3
tape capacity    : 34571200 KB          remaining        : 34571200 KB
current block    :        0             write protected  :      yes
datcompression   :      off
min block size   :        4             max block size   : 16777212
def block size   :     8192             cur block size   :        0

hw compression   : yes                  erase on bop only: yes
hw err correction:  no                  erase immediately:  no
sw eject media   :  no                  long erase op    : yes
write protection : yes                  short erase op   :  no
fixed length blks: yes                  fixed partitions :  no
var length blks  : yes                  select partitions:  no
get abs blockaddr: yes                  returns capacity : yes
get log blockaddr: yes                  returns remaining: yes
data padding     :  no                  report setmarks  :  no
rep EOT warn size:  no                  initiator partit.:  no
abs blk position : yes                  abs blk immediate:  no
log blk position : yes                  log blk immediate:  no
filemark position: yes                  rel blk position : yes
end data position: yes                  reverse position : yes
immediate spacing:  no                  immediate rewind :  no
sequential filem.:  no                  sequential setm. :  no
set block size   : yes                  set compression. : yes
set hw compress. :  no                  set data padding :  no
setmark position :  no                  set report setm. :  no
load and unload  : yes                  un/load immediate:  no
lock and unlock  : yes                  un/lock immediate:  no
tape retension   :  no                  retens. immediate:  no
write filemarks  : yes                  write setmarks   :  no
write long filem.:  no                  write marks immed: yes
write shrt filem.:  no                  set EOT warn size:  no

and I did the "mt -f /dev/st0 setblk 0" 

but what command do I use to pull the data onto disk? 

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