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Mail to cygwin generating subscription requests

I've sent a few emails to the list today.  It seems like each time I
do, I get an email from either Yahoo! Groups or kde-transl-request
saying that someone has attempted to subscribe me to those lists.

I don't believe I want to, and I was wondering if there is some
mis-configuration of a mailing list gateway or something going on?

I'll include examples below.


    From: Yahoo!Groups <confirm-s2-[stuff-deleted]>
 Subject: Please confirm your request to join kde-nl 
    Date: 27 Jun 2003 02:41:03 -0000
Reply-To: confirm-s2-[snip]


We have received your request to join the kde-nl 
group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service.

This request will expire in 21 days.


1) Go to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on this link:[snip] 

  (If clicking doesn't work, "Cut" and "Paste" the line above into your 
   Web browser's address bar.)


2) REPLY to this email by clicking "Reply" and then "Send"
   in your email program

If you did not request, or do not want, a membership in the
kde-nl group, please accept our apologies
and ignore this message.


Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to 

------------------------ also --------------------------

    Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 04:48:06 +0200

Subject: Your mail to

In-Reply-To: <>, from

This pre-recorded message is being sent in response to your recent
email to

All routine administrative requests (including subscriptions and
unsubscriptions) concerning this mailing list are handled by an
automated server.  Please read this message carefully to find the
information relevant to you.


To subscribe to kde-transl, send the following in the body (not
the subject line) of an email message to "

	subscribe kde-transl

This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to
the kde-transl list.

If you wish to subscribe another address instead (such as a local
redistribution list), you can use a command of the form:

	subscribe kde-transl other-address@your_site.your_net


To unsubscribe from kde-transl, send the following in the body (not
the subject line) of an email message to "

	unsubscribe kde-transl

This will unsubscribe the account from which you send the message.
If you are subscribed with some other address, you'll have to send
a command of the following form instead:

	unsubscribe kde-transl other-address@your_site.your_net

If you don't know what address you are subscribed with, you can send
the following command to see who else is on the list (assuming that
information isn't designated "private" by the owner of the list):

	who kde-transl

If you want to search non-private lists at this server, you can do that
by sending a command like:

	which string

This will return a list of all entries on all lists that contain "string".


To find out more about the automated server and the commands it
understands, send the following command to "


If you feel you need to reach a human, send email to:

Unsubscribe info:
Problem reports:

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