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Re: Download from internet = 1Mb?!

> There are ways of downloading an installation set that involve
> temporarily blinding Windows to your installed Cygwin.

OK, here goes. You've got Cygwin up and running and maybe even up-to-date.
You want to (1) blind Windows to its existence; (2) download a complete
installation set; (3) recover your existing installation.

(1) From Cygwin:

    mount -m > /bin/remount.txt

(This puts an instruction list to achieve (3) into a text file called
remount.txt located in c:\Cygwin\bin\. It's a convenient location for
picking up later.)

Then issue the command

    umount -A.

Exit Cygwin.

Now, from Windows Explorer (or however you prefer to do it) rename the
Cygwin folder to SomeOtherName. (You need to rename your Cygwin directory
otherwise setup will still find c:\Cygwin\setup\etc\installed.db and a few
other things. You don't want this!)

That completes the blinding.

(2) Now run and ask for Download from Internet.
Download to some well-named directory like c:\Cyg0\ or similar. The default
will give you a Base installation set. Change All Default to All Install to
download a Full installation set.

When the download is over, then I _think_ that as well as the two filled
directories c:\SomeOtherName\ and, now, c:\Cyg0\ you will also have a new
directory c:\cygwin\ . (I've just tried it, and I did have it, though it was
almost empty.) You don't want this, so simply remove it.

That completes the Download.

(3) Now you want to recover your previous Cygwin installation. Rename
SomeOtherName back to Cygwin. Then run


to obtain a bash window (probably with the prompt  bash-2.05b$. You might
get a "warning: could not find /tmp" msg, but this does not matter.) From

    pwd              # to confirm your current location
    PATH=.           # so that the "mount" command can be found
    bash remount.txt # to process the remount script

Then exit.

Then you can start Cygwin just as you used to.


PS. I _think_ this is as simple as you can get. If anybody notices a
redundant step or unnecessary complication, please say.

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