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Mounting cd images

Hi folks,

I've been experimenting with using the cdrtools utilities under Cygwin --
thinking of turning them into a proper package for Cygwin setup little a
while down the line.

So far mkisofs and cdrecord work happily, but it'd be nice to be able to 
check the ISO cd image has built correctly without mangling the paths too 
badly. On Linux you can mount it read-only, as described in

but obviously the Cygwin mount.exe is more of an analogy to the Linux 
version and doesn't allow this.

Does anyone know of an alternative way to mount/navigate/read the contents
of a cd image under Cygwin, or that could be ported to Cygwin?

I guess the appropriate bits of the Linux mount code could be borrowed,
but I don't have the requisite amount of nuts-and-bolts filesystem
programming skills to do it. Not just yet anyway.

Also, a tangential question (bit off-topic maybe) -- does anyone know of a 
program that can mount a tar file as a filesystem?



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