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Re: Download from internet = 1Mb?!

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003 wrote:

> > There are ways of downloading an installation set that involve
> > temporarily blinding Windows to your installed Cygwin.
> OK, here goes. You've got Cygwin up and running and maybe even up-to-date.
> You want to (1) blind Windows to its existence; (2) download a complete
> installation set; (3) recover your existing installation.
> [snip]
> (2) Now run and ask for Download from Internet.
> Download to some well-named directory like c:\Cyg0\ or similar. The default
> will give you a Base installation set. Change All Default to All Install to
> download a Full installation set.
> When the download is over, then I _think_ that as well as the two filled
> directories c:\SomeOtherName\ and, now, c:\Cyg0\ you will also have a new
> directory c:\cygwin\ . (I've just tried it, and I did have it, though it was
> almost empty.) You don't want this, so simply remove it.
> [snip]

Umm, there shouldn't be a c:\cygwin if you've specified a different local
root.  It looks like either setup.exe or some packages have a hard-wired
dependence on c:\cygwin, and that should be fixed.  Could you please post
the list of files you have in c:\cygwin after this dummy install?  Just a
"cd c:/cygwin && tar cvf /dev/null ." should suffice.
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