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Re: Download from internet = 1Mb?! (potential FAQ entry)

> CGF wrote

>> FWIW, the above is exactly how I would do this.

I'll never be so happy again.

This makes me think that the first suggested route "umount - rename -
download - rename - remount" is probably better (safer, whatever) than the
second suggested route, just "rename - download - rename". (And it's what
you would do if you wanted to *install*, not just download, a 2nd Cygwin
architecture on 1 machine, maybe to compare Base with Full, or something.)

If you think it ought to become a FAQ, do I have to do anything, or does
somebody else pick it up here?

> Igor wrote

>> It looks like either setup.exe or some packages
>> have a hard-wired dependence on c:\cygwin,
>> and that should be fixed.

The ghost c:\cygwin\ that was created during this "blinded" download
contained exactly one file, being c:\cygwin\etc\setup\timestamp. It was a
Default = Base download. I haven't tried it with which might behave better.


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