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Re: free pascal cross compiler from windows to linux working.


Replies inline below.

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Harald Houppermans wrote:

> The free pascal 1.0.6 cross compiler host windows target linux is now
> working.
> I used cygwin, binutils-2.14 and free pascal.
> ( mingw unfortunately did not working: missing bison, flex, etc :) )
> I tested a simple hello world program with knoppix ( linux running from
> cd-rom ).
> Then I also tested it with a red hat linux server.
> The only problem seems to be that the hello world is denied access.
> It says: permission denied...
> That is probably easily solved with chmod.
> I am just wondering if the free pascal compiler can set these permission
> automatically for the linux executables.

The permissions probably *are* set by the compiler, but copying the files
to Linux destroys permissions unless you give the "-p" option to cp/scp.
Transferring executables via ftp will probably destroy permissions also.

> ( Is that the right term, linux executables ? :) )
> So other weird red hat linux server behaviour... I have to use:  ./hello
> ( just hello does work on knoppix )
> That's probably a red hat linux server setting... ./ means current folder...
> Just wondering what that is all about.

"." is not in the PATH by default on most Unixes, as that introduces a
security hole.

> I ll bet I'll also write a tutorial so others can do it.
> Also with a little side note why I want it... many asked why not install
> linux.
> My short answer would be: 1. no space. 2. I read linux can destroy NTFS
> partitions :)
> Since I have windows xp ntfs and windows 98 fat32 paritions I don't want
> that now do I :)
> Later.

IMHO, it's unlikely that Linux can destroy NTFS partitions that it only
has read-only access to.  I've been wrong before, though...
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