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Re: request: add hive unload functionality wrote:

after browsing the source, I gathered that whenever a new process is spawned( the user's hive is loaded and linked to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. but, the user's hive is never unloaded i.e. whenever the last process running as that user terminates.

so I humbly suggest adding an unload function to the registry like:

void unload_registry_hive (PSID psid){ ... }

then wait until the last process running as that user exits and then unload the hive.

the reason for the request is I have a couple of programs that monitor user logon/logoffs. they work by monitoring the HKEY_USERS hive and with cygwin-sshd, the hives never unload even after I kill sshd...

Hm, a worthwhile idea.  FWIW, if you'd like to see this change happen in
a timely manner, I'd suggest submitting a patch for this.  If you're
interested, see <>.


Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.                      (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9889 - FAX
Holliston, MA 01746

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