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Re: entries in /etc/passwd

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Jeff Cramlet wrote:

> When installing cygwin, the following accounts get included in the
> /etc/passwd file, and I am a bit curious about them:
> Everyone:*:0:0:,S-1-1-0::
> SYSTEM:*:18:18:,S-1-5-18::
> Why are they created, and what are the side effects of removing them from
> /etc/passwd?  I looked around in the FAQ's, and could not find anything on
> this.
> Thanks in advance for the assist!


"Everyone" is a group.  Windows allows for files to be owned by groups,
which are then treated as users.  The side effect of removing this entry
from /etc/passwd is that you won't be able to get correct access to files
owned by the "Everyone" group from Cygwin tools.

"SYSTEM" is the Cygwin name for a built-in Windows account used to run
services (a.k.a. "LocalSystem").  Removing it from /etc/passwd will result
in being unable to setup services (such as sshd, inetd, cron, etc.).

For more information, read <>.
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