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Re: network unreachable with cvs

> On Tue, 1 Jul 2003 wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I downloaded cygwin to use cvs. Unfortunatly, when I try to download
>> something with cvs, I got an error message: Network is unreachable. I
>> can't even connect to the repository. I'm sure of the command line I
>> type because I copy/past it from the site (yazd/, and I saw
>> exactly the same on another site ( The repository is
>> supposed to be OK, it's the repository of
>>   What I did is simply download setup.exe and cygwin and launch
>> setup.exe
>> to install cygwin.
>>    What is exactly the problem?
> Network unreachable means that the network on which the host resides is
> unreachable. If you try the following from a Cygwin bash/as prompt
>   cvs login
> what do you get (any password will work)? If you get no error's, that
> means that
> you have connected. If you get an error, I'd check for a firewall or some
> such
> not allowing outgoing to port 2401 .
> Elfyn
> --

Still doesn't work. I asked and it seems that there's a firewall installed
on the LAN. It's probably the problem, thank's.

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