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cygwin and clearcase using TAS


I am using Cygwin from Win2000 while accessing a ClearCase VOB
stored on a UNIX server.  I access the UNIX server using TAS 7.0,
and I find that cygwin does not seem to work correctly when used
from within ClearCase.

>From my Windows C: drive, I can "touch" a file to create it, then
touch the same file again to change the access time.
But when I am mapped to a UNIX VOB from a Windows drive, I get an
error saying access is denied.  The touch command will sometimes
work to create a file (usually it will create the file but
produce an error), but touching the same file again always
produces the error and does not change the access time.

Is there a way to change the access time of an ordinary UNIX file
(not a ClearCase element) using Cygwin commands?  Or do you know
of any way around this problem?
Thanks for any help or ideas.

-- Sharona  Rozmaryn

Sharona Rozmaryn
Software Technology Dept
Hughes Network Systems
Tel: (301) 601-4059
Fax: (301) 601-4091

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