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Re: example needed pls: `cygpath -c <HANDLE>'

Brian Dessent <> wrote around 01 Jul 2003">

> Soren Andersen wrote:
>> In short although I see what you are doing, I think it's too simple for
>> many cases and its lack of robustness makes it only marginally useful to
>> me (IMHO). If you could post some typical examples of how you use it, to
>> refute me, I'd be pleased.
> Yes, it's quite dumb code.  It doesn't even work correctly if one of the
> files doesn't exist.  However it works perfectly for what I originally
> devised it for, which is using Windows editors from cygwin, as in I have
> the line
> alias ue="dodos /path/to/uedit32.exe $@"
> in .profile, and so I can issue commands like "ue /etc/hosts*" or "ue
> ~/project/foo*.c" to edit files with UltraEdit as if it was a
> cygwin-aware application.

Yes, I get it. That's a valid use for this simple thing. Thanks.

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