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Re: example needed pls: `cygpath -c <HANDLE>'

Doug VanLeuven <> wrote around 01 Jul 2003">

> Just goes to show.
> I didn't want to get into asp but I created this wsh file
> checkpath.wsf
> -------------------------------
> <Job ID="CheckPath">
> <script language=PerlScript>
>     $MS_path_filename="c:\\bin\\gzip.exe";
>         $WScript->Echo("$MS_path_filename");
>     open(CTH, '-|', "D:/cygwin/bin/cygpath $MS_path_filename")
>         or die $WScript->Echo("Could not open() call to 'cygpath', what 
> is up?");
>     $cygstyle_path = <CTH>;
>     chomp $cygstyle_path;   
>     $WScript->Echo("A" . "$cygstyle_path" . "B");
> </script>
> </Job>
> ------------------------------
> pretty much your original post.
> I'm finding it only works with AS perl

That's the version I have been trying this on. Confusing.

> In the return value is empty but 5.8 works as expected.


> I tried this first with cygwin 1.3.21 & 1.3.22 and
> before & after upgrading to 5.6 windows script host.
> Can't blame cygwin

So! Oooo-Kay! Wow, that's an amazing result. It seems there's a major
wonkiness afoot, but AFAICT I must agree, it seems that "cygpath" is
blameless here. 

Now we know (and have a major headache-generator available for future use 
should such a mystery demand further investigation).

"So, tell me, my little one-eyed one, on what poor, pitiful,
defenseless planet has my MONSTROSITY been unleashed?"
                       - Dr. Jumba, Disney's "Lilo & Stitch"
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