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Re: phantom non-existent command "manpath"?

Soren A <> wrote around 01
Jul 2003 Xns93ABB58A2DF83soren1Gmane@">news:Xns93ABB58A2DF83soren1Gmane@ 

> I've a question on the cygwin port of `man' and it may turn out that
> it is pertaining to `man' in general everywhere.

I'm sorry, my bad.

I read more carefully after finding a reference explaining `manpath's 
intended functionality elsewhere, and realized that `man' itself DOES have 
flags to execute the functionality simulated by `manpath':

     -w or --path
        Don't actually display the man pages, but  do  print  the  loca-
        tion(s) of the files that would be formatted or displayed. If no
        argument is given: display (on stdout) the list  of  directories
        that  is  searched by man for man pages. If manpath is a link to
        man, then "manpath" is equivalent to "man --path".
        Like -w, but print file names one per line,  without  additional
        information.   This is useful in shell commands like
            man -aW man | xargs ls -l

Answered my own question.

  Soren A.

"So, tell me, my little one-eyed one, on what poor, pitiful,
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