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Re: cygwin and clearcase using TAS

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Sharona Rozmaryn wrote:

> Hi.

Hi Sharona,

> I am using Cygwin from Win2000 while accessing a ClearCase VOB
> stored on a UNIX server.  I access the UNIX server using TAS 7.0,
> and I find that cygwin does not seem to work correctly when used
> from within ClearCase.

I haven't used TAS, but if it's a NFS client, then it shouldn't present
anything out of the ordinary.  We use Hummingbird's Maestro at work and
I use WinNT and ClearCase with great success.
I'll presume you've setup an NIS/YP server somewhere and that you have a
YP account and have set your local NFS access to use that account.
Something else is weither your unix server is using an ACL for accessing
the vob storage and weither your machine is in the list.

> >From my Windows C: drive, I can "touch" a file to create it, then
> touch the same file again to change the access time.
> But when I am mapped to a UNIX VOB from a Windows drive, I get an
> error saying access is denied.  The touch command will sometimes
> work to create a file (usually it will create the file but
> produce an error), but touching the same file again always
> produces the error and does not change the access time.

Sounds more like an NFS access problem than anything else.
Try opening a DOS Prompt and using the native 'copy' command to copy a
small file, then try copying a different small file to that same file
as the first copy.  If it doesn't work, or doesn't cause the files contents
to change, then it's likely an NFS access problem.  If it does work, try
copying a zero length file twice.

> Is there a way to change the access time of an ordinary UNIX file
> (not a ClearCase element) using Cygwin commands?  Or do you know
> of any way around this problem?

Touch should work.  ClearCase emulates a unix like filesystem using the
backing-store of the local view for non-clearcase files.  As such, you
can create a normal file and perform all the time stamp operations on it
you want.

> Thanks for any help or ideas.
> -- Sharona  Rozmaryn
> Sharona Rozmaryn
> Software Technology Dept
> Hughes Network Systems
> Tel: (301) 601-4059
> Fax: (301) 601-4091
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