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Re: ls slowdown in latest cygwin on my system

Carlo Florendo wrote:
> I'm sorry, I attached the wrong strace outputs in the previous mail.  Here're the correct attachments.
> I also included the output of cygcheck using the different versions of cygwin.

It looks to me like (as others said) there's something going on that's
not being shown in the strace.  From the latest ones you attached, it
looks like something is happening between the call to
open(/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo/posixrules, 0x10000) finishing and the next
system call to writev(1, 0x241FD68, 1).  This sort of implies something
going on in user-space.  Maybe you can build ls with debug and
profiliing enabled and see what's going on inbetween those system calls?

The zoneinfo file stuff is a red herring, those calls are normal from
what I can tell -- some date/time formatting code in libc causes them to
be checked... it happens on my system too, and I don't think it's the
cause of the delay at all.

Also, I wouldn't get too worried about 'ls -l' taking forever on large
directories.  For whatever reason (I guess looking up the filesystem
attributes and security ACLs for every file) ls -l can take quite a long
time on large dirs.  But that doesn't explain your two seconds of
deadtime unaccounted for in the strace.


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