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Re: Need Mail headers (was Re: posts to cygwin mailing list alwayscomes...)

> > > > Starting today, everytime I post to cygwin, I receive the following message below.  I'm not sending to netlibd nor am I a
> > of
> > > > the netlibd mailing list.  There is a reference to some sort of this problem last week
> > > >  but I got no clues on how to keep those emails from coming.  Any
> > clues?
> > >
> > > Yeah, I've been getting that too.  It's amazing the amount of
> > > misconfigured or just crap email software out there.  See also: stupid
> > > vacation message stock rant.
> > >
> >
> > Yup, the weird thing about it is that I receive the unwanted email *only* if I post to cygwin.
> This is no-doubt because someone has subscribed a list address or set-up a
> gateway to the cygwin list.
> I'm not getting these anymore, so I don't have the address. But if you can post
> the e-mail address(es), perhaps CGF could remove their subscribtions.
> Elfyn

Thanks Elfyn!  My latest post didn't generate the unwanted email.  In any case,  here is the erring e-mail address:

netlibd <at sign> research <dot> bell-labs <dot> com


Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines, Inc.

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