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Re: Question on postinstall

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Carl Lindgren wrote:

> Opps! >>> I did mean EOL and not EOF, sorry for the confusion...
> Like I said in my last post... I don't have a problem with bash or zsh only
> with ksh that I compiled on Cygwin. Not a major problem for me but I would
> like to know how to correct it. It seems to me, from what I can remember,
> that the ksh port from the Microsoft NT 4.0 Resource Kit didn't have this
> problem.

That's most likely because the Windows NT version used pure "textmode" (CR/LF)
when dealing with input and output.

> But when I compiled the *nx pdksh on Cygwin that is when I started
> to see this problem with ksh.

I have "ported" pdksh to Cygwin. Is there any reason why you can't use the
version distributed in the net release? Do you have the same problems with the
net release version (5.2.14-2)?

The distributed version (5.2.14 derived) uses automode for input and output.
IIRC, that means reads in textmode/binmode and written in binmode.

> Again my mistake on the EOL and EOF thing...


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