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Re: example needed pls: `cygpath -c <HANDLE>'

Brian Dessent <> wrote around 02 Jul 2003"> 

> "%CYGROOT%\\bin\\bash -c \"echo -n `/bin/cygpath -u
> '%l'`>/dev/clipboard\"" + NewLine
> When I run the command I get an error.  The proper quoting is
> "%CYGROOT%\bin\bash" -c "echo -n `/bin/cygpath -u '%l'`>/dev/clipboard" 
> You don't want to escape the double-quotes because they are there to
> tell the windows shell to make all that stuff a single arg, after -c. 
> You need double quotes around the exe image in the off chance there's
> a space in $CYGROOT.

This is fun and bizarre because on win98SE this seems to work for me; the 
whole thing "just works". Windows is SO inconsistent.

One thing that complicates comparison of my setup with others is that my 
Windows "shell" (the kind shipped by M$) is set to "CMD.exe" from a Win2K 
SDK that "mostly" runs on Win9x, instead of the "normal" COMMAND.COM. It is 
entirely possible I think that the first pass at processing the command is 
being done by whatever %COMSPEC% points to and that the two would have (do 
have) different quoting rules should come as a surprise to no-one.

> And there's the issue of the raw binary newline at the end.

That was a goof, I was too close to bedtime to try to send in a fix for 
that before turning in.

> The hexified version of that is
> hex(2):22,25,43,59,47,52,4f,4f,54,25,5c,62,69,6e,5c,62,61,73,68,22,20,2
> d,63,20,22,65,63,68,6f,20,2d,6e,20,60,2f,62,69,6e,2f,63,79,67,70,61,74,
> 68,20,2d,75,20,27,25,6c,27,60,3e,2f,64,65,76,2f,63,6c,69,70,62,6f,61,72
> ,64,22,00 
> ----
> Anyway, the Right Way (IMHO) to do this would be something like the
> following

Escalated to C! Yeah! OK, NOW we're rockin'. ;-)

More later.

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defenseless planet has my MONSTROSITY been unleashed?"
                       - Dr. Jumba, Disney's "Lilo & Stitch"
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