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ping Eduardo Chappa-pine

Thanks for post on 28-06-2003:

>Pine does not need to use ssmtp to send e-mail, that's a cygwin program
>for mutt. When sending e-mail with Pine you need to define the smtp-server
>variable. From the main screen press S C, it's almost at the top.

Here is what my config looks like:

  PINE 4.55   SETUP CONFIGURATION                Folder: (CLOSED)  No

personal-name                 = B-107028257ff84
user-domain                   =
smtp-server                   =
nntp-server                   = <No Value Set>
inbox-path                    = {}INBOX
incoming-archive-folders      = <No Value Set>
pruned-folders                = <No Value Set>
default-fcc                   = <No Value Set: using "sent-mail">
default-saved-msg-folder      = <No Value Set: using "saved-messages">
postponed-folder              = <No Value Set: using "postponed-msgs">
read-message-folder           = <No Value Set>
form-letter-folder            = <No Value Set>
literal-signature             = <No Value Set>
signature-file                = <No Value Set: using ".signature">
feature-list                  =
            Set    Feature Name
            ---  ----------------------
  [ Composer Preferences ]
            [ ]  alternate-compose-menu
            [ ]  compose-cut-from-cursor

When pine opens and looks for the inbox the following error messages appear:

rsh yo IMPA server timed out
connection failed to mail - 143 - transport endpoint is not

Finally on sending mail the following error message appears:

mail not sent sorry that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts

I would point that my server requires authntication for outgoing mail
ie user ID and password.

thanks for any suggestions.


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