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Re: ping Eduardo Chappa-pine

*** alex hardy ( wrote today:

:) >Pine does not need to use ssmtp to send e-mail, that's a cygwin
:) >program for mutt. When sending e-mail with Pine you need to define the
:) >smtp-server variable. From the main screen press S C, it's almost at
:) >the top.
:) Here is what my config looks like:
:) [snip]
:) smtp-server                   =
:) inbox-path                    = {}INBOX
:) When pine opens and looks for the inbox the following error messages
:) appear:
:) rsh yo IMPA server timed out
:) connection failed to mail - 143 - transport endpoint is not
:) connected.

I don't exactly recall the meaning of this message but it means that
either you or the server that you are trying to connect are not connected
to the internet, i believe it's the former though.

Also edit your .pinerc and set "rsh-timeout = 0"

When I telnet to port 143 of the server that you show in your
configuration the connection timesout, so it seems to me like you have
some questions to ask to your provider about the correct values in your
inbox-path and smtp-server.


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