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Re: how to use current directory as bash startup directory

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Daniel Barclay wrote:

> Can bash "inherit" the working directory setting from the process that
> invoked bash instead of always setting its initial working directory
> (to the user's home directory)?
> On Unix, Emacs' "shell" command gets me a shell whose working directory
> is set based on what I was editing.
> However, when I use NTEmacs' "shell" command to start a Cygwin bash shell,
> bash always sets its initial working directory to my home directory.
> Can I configure bash to leave the working directory set as it was when
> bash was started?
> Thanks,
> Daniel

Normally, you should be able to just not pass the --login flag to bash.
However, if your .bashrc contains a "cd ~" command (or "cd $HOME", or
even "cd"), you'll need to comment it out from there.
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