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Re: cvs question

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, mixy wrote:

> Hello,
> please forgive the e-mail I will not make a habit of it.
> thankyou for answering my post in at gmane.os. cygwin .
> I have read the info pages about cvs.
> I just would like you to be pointed in the wright direction
> of seeting up a directory for cvs.
> something like
>   a.. /opt/CVS
>   b.. /usr/local/CVS
>   c.. /mnt/CVS
> but not sure how the commands should look like.
> I am trying to connect to the reposetry at this site
> thankyou for any feedback.
> Nigel Gray

Please address the list (or post) instead of sending private e-mail.

I'm not sure what your question means...  If you want to create a *local*
checkout location, you can do it in any directory -- your choice.  If you
need to check out a remote repository and aren't sure what command to use,
check the examples in the "Remote Repository" section of the info pages.
Some sites also provide the exact CVS command for the initial checkout.
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