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Re: Request for list links in left side navbar (Attn: CGF)

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:

> I would be grateful if you would add one or two links
> to the "Mailing lists" item in the left-side navbar
> that takes one directly to the cygwin mailing list page.
> Say for example:
>   Mailing lists (cygwin, apps)
> where "Mailing lists" points to
>  (as it now does)
> and cygwin points to
> and apps points to
> It would shorten the distance to the mailing
> list search pages nicely.
> Thanks - Jim


It might be that the link there is intentional, to make people scroll
through the FAQ on the off chance that some will read it...  I've cooked
up a patch, but CGF will probably have the final say.


Permission to commit the attached patch (it looks big, but most of it is
changes from <td> to <td colspan=2>).  Barring that, we could change the
"Mailing Lists" link to point to
<>, unless my guess above
is correct...
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