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Re: setup doesnt work at all and searching the archives doesntwork either

"I've given up on cygwin but I'm letting you know fwiw that the installer
seems incredibly broken."

You would do well to consider the ideas here:

There is nothing wrong with having a problem making a piece of software
work, there is something wrong with assuming that because you have an issue
with software, particularly something as fundamental as an installer.
that the software is just broken and your are the only one who seems to
know it.  Mistakes are natural (for me anyway), but 98% of the time they
are the result of an error between the chair and the keyboard (for me)

The setup program works fine for myself and the folks on my team, working
with XP, 2000, NT and 98 (98 is just about phased out though).

Even though you indicated that you were giving up, I will try to tell you
what we do, note that because we have a high-speed internet connection,
we tend to install from the internet...

(1) I download setup to a directory, usually called something like
c:\cygtemp - note this is not rhe directory that cygwin will itself
eventually go into, i.e. c:\cygwin

(2)I then open the cygtemp folder, double-click setup icon, hit next,
next (telling it to install from the internet), next (selecting all
users and Unix), tell it to set my local directory as c:\cygtemp,
then, on the next page, I click Use IE5 settings (this has always
worked best for me), once I give it the go-ahead, it will download the
list of mirrors, I tend to use Progeny, it then goes and gets the
packages and I am on the select packages window.

(3) There are many ways you can go from here.  I tend to be weird
and click open each of the categories.  It takes longer and more clicks
thsi way, but it helps me keep up with what is available and what is
installed.  Note that if you click on any of the "Default" designations,
it will toggle through Install/Reinstall/Uninstall/Default.  This will
change the designation for the files underneath to install/reinstall etc.
Note that is you do this for the ALL category, it may take a while to
change status.  If you hit cntrl-alt-delete, it may indicate not responding,
but it is not locked up, just very busy...

Note that the default, as the Cygwin page states, does not install

You can repeat this process to keep your install updated...

Wayne Keen

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