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Re: CygPath to Clipboard (was: example needed pls ...)

Yes, a bit OT, but could be useful to understand more about it...

Soren A <> wrote in Xns93ACAEA0E9DBEsoren1Gmane@">news:Xns93ACAEA0E9DBEsoren1Gmane@
> I cannot get the Registry to accept the entries now! Each time I try I
> get the keys created OK, but the "command" is undefined (I am writing
> of how we see the Registry in "regedit"). 

Still no joy. On a WinXP system (the other I refer to is Win98) I used
the regedit tool to look at some REG_EXPAND_SZ entries already in the
Registry, and exported a key for examination. What I discover if I do
this seems *BIZARRE* (but we are talking about Microsoft here so nothing
ought to surprise us). I see the string of hex bytes exported as we have
been discussing, but each one _is followed by a null byte_. Thus one
entry I examined looks like this:


Do you see what I mean? "25,00,53,00,79,00: ... . If *that's* the format
RegEdit expects (and it could have changed between 98 and XP, anyone know?)
then it would certainly explain why I haven't been able to get any
subsequent tries to work.

Even the terminating null is followed by a null.

Now I am scratching my head so hard my hairline is imperiled...

   Soren A.

"So, tell me, my little one-eyed one, on what poor, pitiful,
defenseless planet has my MONSTROSITY been unleashed?"
                       - Dr. Jumba, Disney's "Lilo & Stitch"
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