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Re: CVS tag for releases?

Jeremy White wrote:
> Hi all,
> Forgive me if I have missed something blindingly obvious,
> but I cannot find a CVS tag to correlate
> to the 1.3.22-1 release of cygwin1.dll.  I see one for
> cygwin-1-3-19-1 on some winsup/cygwin files.
> I was hoping to check out a 'stable' release from CVS,
> and I'd appreciate any guidance on this (or the paper
> bag, if I've missed the obvious).

There are no such tags.

The reason for this is that cygwin builds newlib into the DLL, so to create
a fully reproducable build, you would need to tag newlib as well. Apparently
the newlib folks don't really like cygwin tags in their part of the tree.

Cygwin HEAD is generarally quite stable - or, if you must build a specific
version, use the source tarball. However, be aware that full reproduction is
very difficult indeed, as the winsup/mingw and winsup/w32api trees are not
in the cygwin source tarballs. Nor is any specific cygwin release guaranteed
to have been built against a released version of the w32api and
mingw-runtime packages.

The Cygwin source tarballs are supposed to detect the presence or absence of
the winsup/w32api and winsup/mingw directories, and use the installed
versions if they are not available in-tree. This is known to be broken in at
least the 1.3.22 tarball, so you would have to place untarred source code
from the w32api and mingw-runtime packages at winsup/w32api and winsup/mingw
in the cygwin source tree.


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