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Re: Source for upset package

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:

I see references to a package called upset to
manage the creation of release areas.  I looked
searched vigorously on cygwin-apps and cygwin
lists and looked through the site including the
pointer to the CVS web link and didn't find it.
Also downloaded and extracted the setup source
and searched for scripts and make targets.
There is an "inilint" program but that just
appears to check ini files.

Would someone mind pointing to any existing
documentation on upset and how setup.ini
is constructed?  Where is the source for it?

Apologies if I somehow missed it.

Thanks - Jim

A Google search for "cygwin upset cvs" returned <> as the first match...

Igor, thanks for the pointers.

I was using the mailing list htdig search facility which doesn't perform nearly so well as Google:

Compare this with:

In particular, the summaries don't give you a good idea of the content. Should users be directed away from the htdig searching? Or even better, just use Google to do the searching within I obviously wasted considerable time in the wrong maze when I would normally have used Google.

Also, note that if there had been a link in this page:
to this location:
then it would have been possible to find it by looking at the repository. After the hint from the email posting, I guessed the possibility of going "up" the cvs tree and hand edited the link
which is how I got to this page. Not the most direct route.

Just trying to help other travellers.


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