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Re: Source for upset package

On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:
> >
> >>I see references to a package called upset to
> >>manage the creation of release areas.  I looked
> >>searched vigorously on cygwin-apps and cygwin
> >>lists and looked through the site including the
> >>pointer to the CVS web link and didn't find it.
> >>Also downloaded and extracted the setup source
> >>and searched for scripts and make targets.
> >>There is an "inilint" program but that just
> >>appears to check ini files.
> >>
> >>Would someone mind pointing to any existing
> >>documentation on upset and how setup.ini
> >>is constructed?  Where is the source for it?
> >>
> >>Apologies if I somehow missed it.
> >>
> >>Thanks - Jim
> >
> > A Google search for "cygwin upset cvs" returned
> > <> as the first
> > match...
> Igor, thanks for the pointers.
> I was using the mailing list htdig search facility which doesn't perform
> nearly so well as Google:
> Compare this with:
> In particular, the summaries don't give you a good idea of the content.
>   Should users be directed away from the htdig searching?  Or even
> better, just use Google to do the searching within  I
> obviously wasted considerable time in the wrong maze when I would
> normally have used Google.

In general, ht://Dig is ok for 1- or 2-word queries, but for anything
else, you're better off using Google (with the understanding that you'd
have to search both and, and that,
TTBOMK, Google cannot restrict the search to a subdirectory of the site,
e.g., "").

> Also, note that if there had been a link in this page:
> to this location:
> then it would have been possible to find it by looking at the
> repository.  After the hint from the email posting, I guessed the
> possibility of going "up" the cvs tree and hand edited the link
> which is how I got to this page.  Not the most direct route.
> Just trying to help other travellers.
> Jim

FYI, the cvsweb.cgi script produces a chooser box at the top of the page
which allows you to select the CVS Root without hand-editing the URL.
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