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Re: the "kill" command

You have a point. I cannot kill some windows in processes "directly" within
the bash environment either.
But this works EVERY time:

      cmd   /c  kill  --force   <PID>

Try it, you'll like it.

p.s. It'd be nice if it worked "as advertised"   ;-)

I ain't demand'n nothin!   Whoever you are, and no matter where life finds
you  -  your patch will be ready before mine!

Brian Kelly

"Tremaine Floyd" <> on 07/06/2003 08:00:21

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cc:     (bcc: Brian Kelly/WTC1/Empire)

Subject:    the "kill" command

I was wondering if there is a way to "kill" windows processes ? I use the
"ps -W" cmd however I am not able to close windows based applications or
windows expect the cygwin console itself. i have tried "kill -f" which
actually brings back "bash: kill: f: invalid signal specification" & also
tried "kill 9" but niether will shutdown a windows2000 application.  Could
get a little with this please ?

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