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Re: Apache mod_ssl fork problem


On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 02:33:07PM +0100, andrew brian clegg wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Jason Tishler wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 11:11:13AM +0100, andrew brian clegg wrote:
> > > Thanks, I'll try it tonight when I get home. Just out of curiosity
> > > -- I rebased everything in /bin as well as /lib/apache, and
> > > cygssl.dll is in /bin -- what does rebaseall do differently that
> > > will make it work for cases where rebase didn't?
> > 
> > See the rebase README:
> > 
> >
> That doesn't really answer my question -- the point being that
> cygssl.dll is in /bin and I rebased /bin/*.dll without getting any
> warnings about dlls being in use.

OK, I will try again...

To quote from the above README:

    The rebaseall utility is a convenient way for users that suffer
    from the Cygwin rebase problem to rebase their entire system (i.e.,
    all of their DLLs).  

Additionally, we have the following (on one of my systems):

    $ zcat /etc/setup/*.gz | fgrep .dll | fgrep -v usr/bin | wc -l

Hence, just rebasing /bin/*.dll would miss some DLLs.  In particular,
the following Apache related ones:

    $ zcat /etc/setup/*.gz | fgrep .dll | fgrep apache


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