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Re: Setup-net license?

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Luciano wrote:

> Is there any license specific to the setup.exe program? More
> specifically, is there any problem if I hack it so that the interface
> is diplayed in another language and distribute it?


Headers in the source say that the code is GPL'd.  It might be nicer if
you submitted your changes to the interface to the cygwin-apps mailing
list, so that they could be incorporated into the official sources.  At a
guess, you should only have to provide a translated resource file -- any
English strings hard-coded in the source should be replaced by resources.
The resource file might need to be split as well.  You would probably also
want to add a rule to the Makefile{.am} to build a version of setup.exe in
a particular language.
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