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Re: Setup-net license?

Hello, Igor. I would like to do that, but I wouldn't know how. I used 
ResourceHacker, which is a "hacking-for-dummies" program. No 
programming skills required, unlike what you described. Someone else 
is involved in the idea with me, I'll check if he knows how to do 

Meanwhile, is there any other channel for that? I am no programmer, I 
don't want to join the cygwin-apps mailing list just for that. I 
subscribe to too many lists already.  ;-)

Many thanks,

Luciano ES
Santos, SP - Brasil

<-quote-> **************************************************
Igor Pechtchanski wrote on 07 jul 2003:

> Headers in the source say that the code is GPL'd.  It might be
> nicer if you submitted your changes to the interface to the
> cygwin-apps mailing list, so that they could be incorporated
> into the official sources.  At a guess, you should only have to
> provide a translated resource file -- any English strings
> hard-coded in the source should be replaced by resources. The
> resource file might need to be split as well.  You would
> probably also want to add a rule to the Makefile{.am} to build a
> version of setup.exe in a particular language.

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