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Re: Setup-net license?

The fact that you used ResourceHacker indicates that you only translated
resource strings.  Providing the translations (and numeric IDs) of those
strings, as well as identifying other strings that remain in English
(because they aren't resources) would be helpful.

Contrary to what many non-programmers fear, it's not very hard to build
setup.exe from CVS sources by following the exact instructions found at
<>.  Once you build setup,
you can edit the resource strings in the "res.rc" file (which is a text
file with a format that is pretty easy to discern), and rebuild setup.
You can then submit a "patch" (the output of "cvs diff -up" from the
source directory) to the cygwin-apps list, but be aware that extra work
will be needed to incorporate your changes into setup sources.

The list of strings that are not stored in resources would be appreciated
in any case.  FYI, you don't have to receive messages from the cygwin-apps
list to post there.  See <>
starting at the third paragraph for details.

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Luciano wrote:

> Hello, Igor. I would like to do that, but I wouldn't know how. I used
> ResourceHacker, which is a "hacking-for-dummies" program. No
> programming skills required, unlike what you described. Someone else
> is involved in the idea with me, I'll check if he knows how to do
> that.
> Meanwhile, is there any other channel for that? I am no programmer, I
> don't want to join the cygwin-apps mailing list just for that. I
> subscribe to too many lists already.  ;-)
> Many thanks,

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